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PrintShort Stories from the world of speculative fiction.  Hosted by, Michael Hanson.


A 1970’s series out of WHA Radio in Wisconsin that featured weekly short stories of science fiction by some of the genre’s best writers, including: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheseon and Arthur C. Clarke. The music, sound cues and occasional character voices along with the performance of Michael Hanson, the reader, resulted in better than most fully dramatized productions of the period. 169 shows were aired between 1975 and 1984.

“To be the caretakers of such an incredible radio series is both humbling and exciting,” said WMSE Station Manager Tom Crawford.  He goes on to say, “We have the creator, Michael Hanson’s, blessing and we can’t wait to share this treasure trove of stories to our incredibly dedicated listeners.”

Each episode has been meticulously restored by WMSE engineer Darkman whose obsession with the series has led to a friendship with creator Michael Hanson and is one of the key reason why WMSE has the series.

Upcoming Episodes:

5/25-26  #068 Sword Game – H.H. Hollis “A professor pursues a questionable relationship with a young gypsy girl using a time altering tesseract.”

6/01-02 #069 The Last Question – Isaac Asimov “Will there ever be an answer to the last question?”

6/08-09 #070 Eurema’s Dam – R.A. Lafferty “The world is kept healthy only by some of the unhealthy minds lurking in it.”

6/15-16 #071 Gas Mask – James Houston “Some traffic jams are worse than others.  Will this one ever end?”

6/22-23 #072 The Show Must Go On – James Causey “When androids can do anything better than man, the only thing left for man is hate.  Or can a performance change all of that?”

**New Episode**

6/29-30 #180 All the Sounds Of Fear – Harlan Ellison “Richard Becker was the worlds greatest method actor until he murdered a girl preparing for a role.  Now the actor’s characters are unraveling to a terrifying conclusion.” 

7/6-7 #073 Beyond The Wall of Sleep – H.P. Lovecraft “Lovecraft’s classic tale of a mental hospital intern who believes the dream world is the true reality, and one far more terrifying.”


7/13-14 #074 A Place and A Time To Die – J.G. Ballard “A retired police chief and a deputized used car salesman dig-in and prepare for a futile last-stand against an advancing army.”


7/20-21  #075 A Walk In The Dark – Arthur C. Clarke “On a nameless planet in a far corner of the galaxy, Robert Armstrong’s rover has broken down and he must make it back to base in the dark of the night alone.  At least he hopes he is alone.”


Each episode re-airs on Sunday at 8AM.