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Originally a series out of WHA Radio in Wisconsin in the 70’s that featured weekly short stories of science fiction by some of the genre’s best writers, including: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheseon and Arthur C. Clarke. The music, sound cues and occasional character voices along with the performance of Michael Hanson, the reader, resulted in better than most fully dramatized productions of the period. 169 shows were aired between 1975 and 1984. It is with great sadness we share the news that Mindwebs creator Michael Hanson passed away suddenly in his home on September 9th 2019. He was 78 years old and is survived by his wife Rosie and sons Rolfe and Stephen.

The airing of MINDWEBS on WMSE was a coordinated effort with Michael Hanson to publicly release his show before his death (he had stage 4 cancer) and we are honored to be the station Michael chose to be a part of it knowing his tremendous history with Wisconsin radio. He expressed a comfort in knowing that his voice would be transmitting out over the radio waves after he was gone so in that way he could live on with his voice on the air. Michael was so happy to be back on the radio that it sparked him to create new episodes of his legendary radio program with WMSE Engineer Darkman who has spent many hours, years and days working with Michael to get his stories to air. It was un-expected and has been a genuine thrill to be able to hear Michael Hanson’s newest creations and we do still have more of these new episodes to bring you. “To be the caretakers of such an incredible radio series is both humbling and exciting,” said WMSE Station Manager Tom Crawford. He goes on to say, “We have the creator, Michael Hanson’s, blessing and we can’t wait to share this treasure trove of stories to our incredibly dedicated listeners.” This project of releasing every single episode of MINDWEBS that was created will continue to its completion as was promised to Michael. Including the amazing final MINDWEBS episode Michael Hanson recorded.

Thank you for the stories you gave, the music you played and the love you created along the way. We will miss your amazing ability to bring stories to life but will look forward to hearing your voice again every week as we air every single episode of your wonderful creation. R.I.P.

Memorials may be made in Michael’s name to the ASPCA, 424 E. 92nd St, New York, NY 10128-6804 or the Freedom From Religion Foundation PO Box 750 Madison, WI 53701


Date         Episode

7/11-12   122 The Place Of The Gods – Stephen Vincent Benet
7/18-19   123 The Brink Of Infinity – Stanley Weinbaum
7/25-26   124 After The Myths Went Home – Robert Silverberg
8/01-02   125 The Rules Of The Road – Norman Spinrad
8/08-10   126 The Winner – Donald Westlake
8/15-16   127 Don’t Look Now – Henry Kuttner
8/22-23   128 The Veldt – Ray Bradbury
8/29-30   129 The Enormous Radio – John Cheever
9/05-06   130 Apartment Hunting – Harvey and Audrey Bilker_and_King Of The Beasts – Phillip Jose Farmer
9/12-13   131 The Racer – Ib Melchior
9/19-20   132 Computers Don’t Argue – George Dickson
9/26-27   133 None Before Me – Sidney Carrol
10/03-04 134 The Eel – Miriam Allen DeFord