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PrintShort Stories from the world of speculative fiction.  Hosted by, Michael Hanson.


A 1970’s series out of WHA Radio in Wisconsin that featured weekly short stories of science fiction by some of the genre’s best writers, including: Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheseon and Arthur C. Clarke. The music, sound cues and occasional character voices along with the performance of Michael Hanson, the reader, resulted in better than most fully dramatized productions of the period. 169 shows were aired between 1975 and 1984.

“To be the caretakers of such an incredible radio series is both humbling and exciting,” said WMSE Station Manager Tom Crawford.  He goes on to say, “We have the creator, Michael Hanson’s, blessing and we can’t wait to share this treasure trove of stories to our incredibly dedicated listeners.”

Each episode has been meticulously restored by WMSE engineer Darkman whose obsession with the series has led to a friendship with creator Michael Hanson and is one of the key reason why WMSE has the series.

So tune in next Saturday at Midnight for the first of many episodes of “Mindwebs.”

Saturday, January 26 at Midnight – A Brand New Episode – “Rust” By Joseph Kelleam – 

“WMSE has been thrilled to bring you the original stories from the MINDWEBS series over the past year, but we are even more proud to have been able to present brand new episodes made right here in the WMSE studios from the creative genius of Michael Hanson himself.  What started as a one off special episode for our membership drive has amazingly turned into a revival of the show and we are excited to be bringing you these brand new episodes.  On January 27th we once again have the world premiere of Michael’s newest MINDWEBS episode; this time featuring Joseph E. Kelleam’s 1939 story “Rust” about the last of mans warrior robots trying to create life rather than kill it before the rust destroys them all.  Join us at midnight for this amazing tale performed as only Michael Hanson can exclusively on WMSE.”

All humans are extinct after a great war (decades ago). Fighting robots are rusting, wearing out, running down. They try to build new robots, but fail: their giant metal claws cannot assemble the tiny parts of a new “brain”. One robot tries to touch a butterfly, but crushes it. One by one they all “die”.


Each episode re-airs on Sunday at 8AM.