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WMSE Presents A World Premiere Mindwebs Episode!

Saturday October 31st, 2020
Null-P by William Tenn

It has sadly already been over a year since Michael Hanson passed away.  WMSE was honored to work with Michael and bring his wonderful creation MINDWEBS back on the radio.  Michael was so happy about it he decided to revive the show and created new episodes.  He was working on these new episodes right up to his death and there are still new episodes of MINDWEBS that have been completed.  While the plan was to let the original series play out before airing these new episodes, we have decided to air one of these brand new MINDWEBS early as a special treat to WMSE listeners.  Join us Saturday October 31st at midnight for the WORLD PREMIER of “Null-P” by William Tenn (pen name of Philip Klass).  In a post apocalyptic America people take being average and “normal” to a whole new extreme.  The episodes producer Darkman had this to say about the story:

“This ended up being the very last story Michael and I were able to record.  It was done after the death of his beloved dog Charlie and the episode is very much dedicated to him.  Charlie was present at many of the recordings of MINDWEBS and his passing was very painful for Michael.  This is the one episode that Michael never got to hear the final mix of but I told him that I was going to add Charlie into the story (as he interrupted several sessions with his barking) and I remember him really liking the idea and I wished he could have heard how it came out.  There is another message that Michael was trying to convey with this episode regarding the current state of affairs in America and I think to air before the Presidential election, as we were intending, will hopefully give the episode greater impact.”



Date         Episode
10/31-1    187 Null-P – William Tenn
11/7-8      138 The Power Of The Sentence – David M. Locke
11/14-15  139 The Eternal Machines – William Spencer
11/21-22  140 Beachhead In Utopia – Lloyd Biggle Jr.
11/28-29  141 The Sound Machine – Roald Dahl
12/5-6      142 Subjectivity – Norman Spinrad
12/12-13  143 The Unfinished – Frank Belknap Long
12/19-20   037 The Star – Arthur C Clarke_and_The Gift – Ray Bradbury
12/26-27  144 The Liberators – Lee Harding