Timmy Jam’s Theory of Funk Opera / Rock & Blues Show with Rose

with Rose and Timmy Jam
Monday 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM


What is Timmy Jam’s Theory of a Funk Opera?

Well, it is the brainchild and Funk of Timmy Jam’s wildest musical dreams. It’s a mixture of the most obscure rarities of the Funk! And a mixture of the Funkiest sounds known to man…dig if you can, a mixture of Jazz, R & B, Neo-Soul, Rock, New Wave, Hip Hop and Funk intertwined with some of the sexiest and most soulful instrumentals. That’s how Timmy Jam creates his Theory of a Funk Opera.

His theory is to blend and mix all of these elements of sound into a three-hour show he calls, “My Gumbo Bowl of Funk!” So, Where does he get the Funk from, you might ask? Any sound that comes from his dreams, any record that comes from his collection of sound and any suggestion that comes from any participating WMSE 91.7 FM listener…just as long as it’s Funky!

Timmy Jam’s Theory of a Funk Opera is the best ticket you could buy for any late night trip…a Funky good time between the hours of Midnight and 3 a.m. every other Sunday Night/Monday Morning. So, tune in  and check it out.

Thanks for listening and please remember to keep it funky!


Rock & Blues Show with Rose

If you like blues music and rock and roll, this is the show for you.

Rose plays a mixture of both genres. You’ll hear songs from great blues and rock and roll artists, both contemporary and from years past. Thrown into the the mix are also some soul, world, bluegrass and folk artists.

It’s a lively mixture – one that is enjoyable and interesting.