Rock-N-Roll Bowl II Results

A very big heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Rock-N-Roll Bowl! What started out as a a seed of an idea by volunteer Brian Janssen has blossomed into a yearly event. Thank you DJs: Erin Wolf, Marty and Faux Eyes for keeping the energy up with your amazing tunes!
So in case you missed it here are the results:

12:30 Bout
Winner of lowest Team Score – AL Fissures
Winner of Lowest Individual Score – Paul from AL Fissures

Winner of Highest Team Score – Disgusting Vagabonds
Winner Of Highest Individual Score – Master from Disgusting Vagabonds







2:30 Bout

Winner of Lowest Team Score (but definitely winner for cutest team) – Lemmy’s Kids







Winner of Lowest Individual Score – Kera from Bobby Flowers and The Petal Pushers

Winner Of Highest Team Score – Feed The Monkey







Winner of Individual High Score – Yoda

A big thank you to Bay View Bowl, Honey Pie for your yummy treats and Pizza Shuttle for keeping us all well fed.

And finally to our volunteers. We could never do this without you!!!