Sea Changes for Maritime

WMSE pals, Mondo Lucha, were kind enough to remind us about a very cool news item involving the great Milwaukee pop band, Maritime and Dangerbird Records. Dangerbird announced today on the their web site, “We are pleased to announce we have made Milwaukee mainstays Maritime the newest members of our expanding family. The band, which spawned from the ashes of the Promise Ring in 2003, is currently readying new material [their fourth full length since 2004] for release later this year.” Andy Gorzalski of Mondo Lucha, tipped us off yesterday, writing about the signing and to also point out a special visual treat that was captured in Madison earlier this year. “Former Mondo Lucha special musical guests Maritime cover the Depeche Mode song “Enjoy the Silence” for The Onion A.V. Club’s series of great bands doing a great cover song (listen/watch *here*)”, Gorzalski said (and way to use the keytar, Maritime!). The band heads ‘out west’ this weekend to play UW-Madison this Friday, April 30th.