Sigur Ros’ Jonsi Previews His New Solo Album at the Pabst This Friday

For all attending tomorrow night’s Joanna Newsom performance at the Pabst Theater (if that isn’t enough of a treat in of itself), there will be a special sneak preview of another fellow artist in ethereality. Sigur Ros’  Jonsi (Jon Thor Birgisson) will release his first solo effort Go on XL Recordings later this month. Known for his childlike and otherwordly, artistic compositions nearly as much as his Icelandic roots, Go adds a fresh and familiar twist for we of the English tongue, with Jonsi singing the majority of his songs in that particular language.

According to XL, “Go completes a personal journey for Jonsi away from the wordless and near-brutal sonic monoliths of Sigur Ros’s untitled album, and is a bold stride beyond the career-redefining pop of “Hoppipolla” and even the explosive percussive assault of the last album’s “Gobbledigook”. His voice has never been more impressive or breathtakingly arranged; here spectral and waithlike, there fulsome and gorgeously warm, or else with backing vocals swooping and darting everywhere in a giddying array of crazed inventiveness”.

Listen to “Go Do” by clicking the above photo, and check out the album in its entirety at the Jonsi Album Listening Party on Friday, April 2nd at the Pabst Theater, open to the public after Joanna Newsom’s performance. Please RSVP to the party *here*.