Thank You! You Keep WMSE Spinning Listeners turn out once again for WMSE

300x250_MkeRecord_MSE_FundDrive_THXOn Friday, April 17, 91.7FM WMSE kicked off its Spring Drive.  Although always a daunting task, the DJs brought their very best radio and the staff rolled up their sleeves to embrace the task of raising money to “keep WMSE Spinning.” And the listeners once again turned out with great support.  It was a week of only highs as most DJs met their fundraising goals—and a few even went beyond.

“Because we are one of the few stations that actually spin vinyl, we tasked our DJs to play all vinyl shows,” said Tom Crawford, station manager. “Not surprising, they took to the task like a fish takes to water or an album takes to a turn table. Over the week-long period we managed to raise over $110,000. We attribute this success to all our loyal listeners and new members who realize how important free format, community radio is to the city of Milwaukee and the rest of the world.”

With this money WMSE will be able to continue upgrading the station’s fiber optics, digitizing its library and hosting a 24/7 curated jazz online stream—to name a few projects. Stay tuned for new show announcements, events and structural updates.