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Do you remember the joy of mix tapes? We didn’t have social media influencers in the 90s. Instead, we discovered bands and songs thanks to thoughtful collections of tunes selected to soundtrack a friendship or woo a love interest. Creating a solid mix tape required a lot of time, music knowledge, and emotion. 

Think of WMSE’s app as your digital mix tape. It’s the best way to get your dose of your favorite Milwaukee radio online. And as a bonus, you never need to flip the cassette. DJs who are true experts in their respective genres curate every program featured on the app with love. WMSE gives them the creative freedom to play deep cuts and hits alike. You’ll hear extraordinary collections of music you can’t hear anywhere else. 

The WMSE app makes it easy to…

  • Mark your favorite programs
  • Listen to the station live, jazz stream, and the archives
  • Access 10+ years of content – with more than 1,500 hours of your favorite DJ (500+ shows)

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