Today On WMSE: Frankie Lee


Tune into the Tom Wanderer Radio Experience today for a visit from touring musician, Frankie Lee. Lee hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and delves nice n’ easy into country, folk, honky-tonk and twang with a built-in, lived-in style that speaks to his Midwestern roots. Lee’s home city of Minneapolis recently dubbed him the “Best Songwriter of 2014”, writing “Every good songwriter must be honest with themselves — or be a master of complete self-deception. Whether Frankie Lee writes his world-weary alt-country songs because he knows how to sing ’em, or the other way around, he’s found a calling.”

Lee plays Yield Bar in Milwaukee tonight with Fort Wilson Riot. Before his gig, catch him on WMSE today at 5pm for an interview. Get a taste of his studio style via The Current and his live session with them; we’ll be chatting and spinning  new tunes, which you can listen to for yourself over at his Soundcloud Page.