Tonight on Local/Live: King’s Horses

“Let it never be said that a hard rocking band couldn’t kick your ass at Monopoly,” claims Milwaukee rock trio King’s Horses, “Beyond capitalism in board game form and army’s represented by wooden cubes, we like a good rock show. We believe that bands should set up fast, play the hell out of whatever they have and then run…RUN off stage so the next band can do the same.” We don’t know if King’s Horses still use this as their performance model, nor if they still could give you a run for your money in Monopoly,  but we do know that they’ll be performing live on the airwaves for WMSE’s Local/Live program at 8 p.m. tonight.

With audio influences ranging from 90′s indie rock stalwarts such as Pavement and Archers of Loaf , King’s Horses have been said to be a bit brighter but just as hard-hitting as their indie rock heros by The Shepherd Express. “The Milwaukee trio King’s Horses fits in well enough with Milwaukee’s other noise-rock bands, though their sound is cleaner and less subversive, with more of an emphasis on big guitars and nervy, lovable hooks”, the Shepherd remarked. Modern day math-rockers Minus the Bear and noise-pros Amusement Parks on Fire also come to mind. Guitar/bass/drums and the occasional keyboard creates a core indie rock sound that has definitely weathered well over the last couple of decades.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. for WMSE’s Local/Live to hear King’s Horses. Can’t listen live? Check back later to hear the show in the WMSE archives.