Tonight on Local/Live: Sharapova

Lo-fi music often gets reined into the sub-three minute category, but Milwaukee’s Sharapova has found a way around this outdated idea. The quartet delves into compositions that reach around the five minute mark, exploring intricate drum and guitar patterns, patronizing the minor chord like the proper post-punk/noise group that they are.

Don’t expect impromptu tennis matches in between sets at their upcoming show at Club Garibaldi’s on Saturday, November 21st — this particular Sharapova bears no similarity whatsover to tennis wunderkind Maria Sharapova, whatsoever. Does one of the band members have a secret stash of Wilsons to chuck at the crowd to get them riled up? Only one way to find out — tune into Local/Live tonight at 8 p.m. to get the lowdown on Sharapova’s name and their dirge-y lo-fi compositions. Dial it in at 91.7 FM or check it out online at, live, or archived.