Tonight on Local/Live: Take Solace

What exactly is ‘bluefolk’? Milwauke’s Take Solace has the insider angle on this genre that pairs up bluegrass twang with storytelling folk. The quartet takes this genre even one step further by adding brass to their music that combines singer-songwriter sensibilities with influences of everything from Modest Mouse to Tom Petty and the Weakerthans.

Take Solace was born from a scholastic setting, its members mainly hailing from Milwaukee’s Carroll College. Dirk Watkins and Chris Lubinski trade up guitar/mandolin/bass/vocal duties and Dave Pawl takes care of percussion. The sole ‘outsider’, Dave Klapatch (with an alma mater of UW-Madison) also fills in on the guitar/mandolin/bass/vocal duties, making the band a demonstration of solid musicianship, no matter what their scholastic background. The band has performed at the Steel Bridge Songfest, bluegrass festivals and local venues and is gearing up for their next show at  Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center) on Sunday, February 28th.

Before Take Solace plays Stonefly, catch them live on WMSE’s Local/Live program tonight at 8 p.m. Tune in at 91.7 FM on your radio dial or listen live or in the archives at