Tonight on WMSE: Jon Blick Shines Some Light On the Musical Side of The Simpsons

words by Ryan Schleicher

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, Jon Blick’s Overnight Sensations show (midnight – 3am) has a real treat in store for you: a Simpsons tribute on WMSE!

Even after twenty one seasons, a guest appearance on The Simpsons is still a sought-after celebrity gig (and we all know there have been some great ones).  On a dare from his son, Jon, the host of Overnight Sensations, has put together three hours of music by many of those ‘famous-and-not-so’ guest stars who have graced the small screen over the years.

Hours of research (he tracked through Bette Midler’s Greatest Hits so that you don’t have to) have yielded what will be a truly entertaining, once in a lifetime radio listening experience.  So, put on a pot of Radio Roast and stay up late, or check out the program archives at after the show airs, and enjoy Jon’s uber-eclectic take on musical artists from The Simpsons.  You just might hear what is possibly the greatest song about turtle-stacking ever written.