A Trip to Bandcamp With: The Sharrows

Madison’s the Sharrows do roots rock in an dusty, easygoing whirlwind, much like early Neil Young, Wilco, North Mississippi All Stars and all others who have spun yarns long, and sepia-toned. Employing a bucket of acoustic instrumentation and throwing a bit of keys in to messy things up, the Sharrows sway back and forth between “good-time party band” to “hit-the-road” ponderings. Starting at the End, released in mid-2013, is their debut, Phil Sharrow (the band’s namesake and lead) kicking things off with a honky-tonk style song, “Late”; throughout Starting at the End, the band picks up the pace for a lively track-by-track play, coloring their songs with cello, harmonica, keys and slide guitar.

The Sharrows open for Caroline Smith at Club Garibaldi this Friday, March 14th. Tune into WMSE on Friday at 4:30pm for a live, in-studio session with Caroline Smith (WMSE.org/91.7 FM).