A Trip to Bandcamp With: Old Earth

Old Earth’s “Milwaukee to Edinburgh” experience is a pretty incredible one for local musician Todd Umhoefer, considering it all was made possible via Kickstarter. Old Earth, currently working with Edinburgh, Scotland’s mini50 Records, took his initial steps with the label on the its home turf, doing a short tour that included stops at World’s End Close, Canongate Kirkyard, Avalanche Records, Apex Int’l Hotel and a “Toad Session”, among others.

Umhoefer got there, his ticket from his supporters and fans. The journey, itself, begins the story, but the music finishes it. Listen to snippets of Umhoefer’s solo performances at the various venues via the Bandcamp release chronicling it all (click the image) and catch visual glimpses through this tour video. Old Earth’s introspectively raucous songs are in their best light — just Umhoefer’s acutely rich reedy vocals, his guitar and loop pedal (and a tiny amp), comfortable in the various Scottish venues he passes through, his own songs the true framework in which he occupies, no matter the physical setting.

Old Earth opens for S. Carey and White Hinterland at Club Garibaldi on Thursday, April 24th. 21+ 9:30pm.