A Trip to Bandcamp With: Adelyn Rose

Since 2010 or so, Eau Claire, Wisconsin band Adelyn Rose has joined the ranks of pastoral, chamber-y folk music that the area seems to exhale naturally. The group — headed by vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player Addie Strei (the band’s namesake) — released a beautifully still debut in 2012; Mezzanine, showcasing Strei’s effortless vocals, shimmering guitars and strong bass lines. Since then, Adelyn Rose has upped its literal ranks (from a trio including Leo Strei on bass and Dave Power on percussion), adding Hannah Hebl on harmony vocals and keyboards and guitar work from Jaime Hansen. The result is not only a more divergent sound but a more forward one, an Alesis syth, Wurlitzer and additional electric guitar adding layers. Strei recently told VolumeOne, “When I wrote the first album, I was listening mainly to Cat Stevens and other acoustic stuff, but for this record I started listening to more music like David Bazan and Land of Talk. So it’s a lot more electric.”

“Even” (click the title or image to stream) is a good example of this evolution in sound. Keyboard/synth-heavy and mistily angular in a satisfying nostalgic way because of those sounds, “Even” langorously starts out and at the halfway mark adds some oomph through frenetic guitars and a signature strong bass line. The backing vocals build the nostalgia even more, catching the spirit and ethereality of Cocteau Twins or the Sundays and the strong guitars snapping things to the present, calling to mind moments of Warpaint, Lightning Dust or Besnard Lakes. Listen to another single released earlier this week called “Let the Right One In” and watch for the full-length album Ordinary Fantasy, due out on February 18th.