A Trip to Bandcamp With: Bum alum

POSTED:: April 12, 2017

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words by Erica Walburg

Previously called Bum Ileum, John Griffin and Shae Lappen have released a three-song demo under their updated name, Bum alum. The duo, originally from Pierre, South Dakota, relocated to Milwaukee a few years ago.

Dreamy, lilting cocoons of sound coupled with bombastic synth fill the short but sweet EP with psychedelic, experimental dance-pop. A little bit Hot Chip, a little bit Menomena, the looping beats, scratchy vocals, and chill atmosphere are contained within a tight mixing, allowing the tipsy, lighthearted nature of the songs shine through. Perfect for a lazy afternoon or a drive through the country, the forward-facing melodies create a momentum that constantly edges the bizarre and slightly strange while at the same time soothes the ears into a contented state.

Although they haven’t played at a venue in a while — perhaps to focus on creating a full-length album — fans can still follow along for updates and more information over at their Facebook page. Give the demo a listen at their Bandcamp page.

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf

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