A Trip to Bandcamp With: Disguised As Birds

Disguised As Birds are experts at pummeling from all angles, those angles being Shane Hochstetler’s drums, Kris Endicott’s guitar and backing vocals, Tony Ciske’s bass and Chris Chuzles’ anguished vocals. All cut a clear line of forceful rock that uses searing guitars to add melody as an embellishment and percussion as the main driving force behind the music. Calling to mind the legacy of late 90’s and early 00’s bands, Shiner and Jawbox, Disguised As Birds sound right at home with like-minded Milwaukee rock compatriots (i.e. Hot Coffin and No Future), who favor their rock to be unformulaic, propelling and polished all at once. Since 2004, the band has seen several releases and lineup changes, and with it, a bit of a lapse in activity in recent years, but since recruiting new drummers (Ryan Smith for tours, etc. and Hochstetler for recording), the band has found footing again and their recent release, We Buy Gold, is a testament to the group and its capability to stick to its roots and still pull off an exciting sound. Listen to the new EP by clicking the cover art image.