A Trip to Bandcamp With: GGOOLLDD

The name of this particular artist is one of those instances of “good call”; the warmly inviting “electro-pop” of Milwaukee’s GGOOOLLDD shines like its namesake. Making use of the traditionals of the genre — synths and synthetic beats, GGOOLLDD creates an effervescent environment for female vocals that are neither trying too much or too little,  a small amount of sweetness is lightly bolstered by an attitude of fun and confidence, recalling a bit of Yelle and a bit of Ladytron, finding a mix that feels good to dance to. GGOOLLDD is light in their back-catalog, but have been talking about an official EP, to be released sometime next month, and “Gold” (click on the title to listen) is one of those initial tracks. In the meantime, fans can catch GGOOLLDD at this weekend’s East Side Music Tour, as they play a 9pm set at Jo-Cat’s Pub (1311 E. Brady Street), in between Tigernite and Rio Turbo. 21+