A Trip to Bandcamp With: Reynaldo Jenkins and the Teardrops

A bit elusive, Racine-based Reynaldo Jenkins & the Teardrops, might be tough to read up on, but are definitely not tough to listen up to — brassy, surfy and a little jangly (self-genre-fied as “doo woop, garage, punk”), the group plays to Roy Orbison’s croons, Jon Spencer’s swagger and the Black Lips’ rowdy, devil-may-care attitude; a winning combination, if you ask us. Take a listen to a lively, fast-burning track, “She Wants to Give It Up” over at Bandcamp, and find a bevy of listenables on said Bandcamp and on the band’s Facebook page.


  1. Robert McGuire

    This article is right. Those guys are hot stuff! ( there does not appear to be any connection to the Milwaukee Bucks.)