A Trip to Bandcamp With: MC Oneself

On The Fool, Milwaukee’s MC Oneself makes it apparent that his ultimate goal as a musician is to enjoy the process and the output — the seventeen-track album released on Bandcamp late last month is filled with divergent sounds that pull from both close and opposite corners of soul, funk, blues, 60s rock, hip hop, country, dance, lounge and reggae music, yet is threaded together by Oneself’s capable vocal and lyrical style, anchoring all with such conviction that the transitions are smoother than smooth. Ultimately, The Fool is a party album, honing in on the good things life has to offer (and occasionally, the consequences of too much of those good things); Oneself plays this element up, especially on the more upbeat tracks, name-dropping Kid Cut Up (and No Request Sound), collaborating with Kid Millions and the Sounds of Time on “Crash & Burn” and trading vocals with guests in his easygoing style. Listen for yourself by clicking the cover art image. MC Oneself had a pretty busy 2013, and here’s hoping the release of a new album will bring more gigs to keep the party going.