Wisconsin Black History Moment is a collaboration of WMSE and Direct Supply.  In 2010, Direct Supply’s Community Involvement Team partnered with WMSE and Barry Johnson, from the Saturday Afternoon Boogie Bang Gang show, to produce Public Service Announcements (PSA) honoring African Americans for Juneteenth.  In 2019, Barry reached out to Sharon Jordan and Bob Klein of Direct Supply to team up again and create PSAs celebrating Black History, and focusing on Black people who have made an impact within the State of Wisconsin.  We decided this educational programing would not “just” be for the month of February.  We would celebrate these great accomplishments all year long.  Black Employee and members of Direct Supply’s Black Inclusion Group (BIG) would participate by writing the narratives and doing the voice overs, while Barry would produce the PSAs.  In an effort to widely share the history that Blacks contributed to the State of Wisconsin, we also decided to play the PSAs, on all WMSE shows, as an educational opportunity for the public and our listening audience.

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Episode Archives

Episode 1Al Jarreau

Community Partners

Episode 2 – Vel Philips
Episode 3 – Ezekiel Gillespie
Episode 4 – Calyborn Benson
Episode 5 – Alonzo Robinson
Episode 6Dr. Lester Carter
Episode 7 – Lorraine Hansberry
Episode 8 – Wilbur Halyard
Episode 9 – Eugene Kane
Episode 10 – Arthur Jones
Episode 11 – Ardie Clark Halyard
Episode 12 – Todd Speech Thomas
Episode 13 – Blanche Brown
Episode 14 – Jacob Lattimore
Episode 15 – Dr. Bob
Episode 16 – Lamont Bentley
Episode 17 – Leroy Butler
Episode 18 – Rosemary Olsen
Episode 19 – Coo Coo Cal
Episode 20 – Milele Chikasa Anana
Episode 21 – Tia Richardson
Episode 22 – Will Allen
Episode 23 – George Tillman Jr.
Episode 24 – Cecelia Gore
Episode 25 – Delores Sims
Episode 26 – Geraldine Fowlkes
Episode 27 – Mikel Holt
Episode 28 – Eric Benet