Welcome to Sonic Diet: The Blog

the WMSE library

the WMSE library

Welcome to the new face of Sonic Diet, which faithfully, in e-newsletter form, has been making its way into your email inboxes nearly each and every week since the Fall of 2008.

We at WMSE, figured you get enough emails as it is in your collective inboxes, so why not turn over all this musical content into the proverbial arms of a blog, with a more digestible, daily form of content?

And in the spirit of making our music news as awesome and interactive as possible (per the last e-newsletter you received about a month ago), Sonic Diet blog will be updated, Monday through Friday with current music news, music history and other essential music information: rotating music goodness revolving around important stuff like our volunteer DJ’s weekly top airplay, upcoming shows, CD reviews, news on WMSE’s Local/Live program, incoming stuff into our vast library, etc. etc. etc.

Hope you enjoy what we put on your plates. Keep listening (and reading)!

Love Music.