What’s in WMSE’s Local Lunchbox? A Little Local Lunch of Course!

POSTED:: November 11, 2009


Hungry for a little somethin’ local? If you’re a loyal WMSE listener, you know by now that you don’t have to go too far to get your fix and the Lords/Ladies of Local are about to whet your appetites even more with a double-dose of delicious.

WMSE’s Local Lunchbox, (featuring strictly local deliciousness at 1 p.m. every Monday – Friday) has DJs Faux Eyes, Erin, Melissa, Dori and Buzz  happier than happy to dish out the local tunes, and starting tomorrow, Outpost Natural Foods will be in on the fun as the official sponsor of Local Lunchbox. Yummy local food and music? We’re hungry to hear it in action! Tune in and enjoy the tasty combination of local food and local music  – together, at last!

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf