And the winners of the 13th Annual Rockabilly Chili are….

WMSE_Hot_Sauce_PortraitBest Fire House Chili – Milwaukee Technical Services

Most Unique – First time participant- Hue Vietnamese

Best Veggie – Congratulations  Beans And Barley with your second year in a row win

Best Heat – look out McBob’s brings the heat for the second time in a row

Best Display and Best Meat Chili  goes to Water Street Brewery.

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work and thank you all for showing your support of the world’s best radio station – WMSE. See ya next year!



  1. Joe Hausch

    Here was the WMSE release Fred:
    Best Meat:
    1)Water Street Brewery; 2) Stubby’s Gastrogrub; 3) Matty’s Bar

    Best Veggie:
    1)Beans and Barley;2) The Soup House ;3) Brewed Cafe

    Best Heat:
    1)McBob’s; 2) Good Harvest Market ;3) Hector’s

    Most Unique:
    1) Hue- Vietnamese; 2) Chancery;3) Braise Restaurant & Culinary School

    Best Booth Display:
    1)Water Street Brewery; 2) Brewed Cafe;3) Outpost Natural Foods

    Best Milwaukee Firehouse Chili
    Winner: Milwaukee Technical Services