WMSE 35th Anniversary Recap!

POSTED:: March 28, 2016

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A big time was had by all as we took over Turner Hall last weekend to celebrate WMSE’s 35th Anniversary and threw a Dance Party at Mad Planet. On Friday we hosted the legendary Siegel-Schwall band and the R&B Cadets (featuring WMSE DJ and legendary guitarist Paul Cebar).  We could not be more pleased with how many of you blues fans turned out to support such a magical night. Blues DJs: Sonia, Terry, Jerry and The Good Jon joined Station Manager Tom Crawford onstage to open the evening.  Siegleschwall35


After the big blues shows folks hopped over to Mad Planet where DJs Asche, Haven, Melissa and WMSE alumna Dori Zori kept the momentum going by spinning all the dance hits from the 80s. Definitely giving a flashback to the very music listeners would have heard back in the day on the airwaves of WMSE.dance35




The capper event was our “Never Mind The Reunions, It’s WMSE 35th Anniversary Punk Show.” The night kicked off with Station Manager Tom Crawford welcoming the crowd and introducing show opener Moloko Shivers. DJ Jon Blick introduced The Mighty Deerlick, DJ Faux Eyes introduced Feck, DJ Buzz introduced Skiptracer, DJ Paul Host introduced The Crossed and Pabst Organization representative Marc Solheim closed out the night by introducing The Benjamins. It was indeed a family affair and we were thrilled to have everyone take part and humbled by the bands that agreed to take part in this very special event.

So a big thank you to everyone who came out to support us. These events proved once again we are community powered.













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