WMSE is On the Patch for Our One-Day Drive!

You’ve heard all about it on the WMSE airwaves — if you’re not on the patch this year, things might be a bit rough. What patch? Huh? This is one patch you don’t get from your doctor…unless he/she is a doctor of the radio variety. So, how do you find out more?

The fine radio doctors at WMSE are prescribing a healthy dose of WMSE programming today as we kick off our one-day drive, and what could make that listening experience more beneficial and enjoyable than sporting a brand-new, WMSE logo patch while you tune in? The programming is special all day, every day, but definitely will get kicked up a notch for fifteen hours straight!

Tune in at 6 a.m. and hang with our very own Dr. Fell as he spins the funk and groove dance ditties to get you shaking off to work in a timely fashion. Johnny Z’s Chicken Shack is planning to get your heart beating even more heartily with his ‘wake up or shut up’ Outlaw Trilogy on the Chicken Shack starting at 9 a.m. All the original bad boys will come out to play: Cash, Merle, Haggard and more.

Buzz always delivers up both the most genuine article-style and cutting edge of both national and local garage rock, and this time he’ll be doing strictly business with his famed ‘licorice pizzas’: spinning all tracks in 7″, 10″‘ and 12″ formats. Buzz’ll have to be on his toes for this one, but we think if anyone can do it, he can.  Sonia’s version of the WMSE Blues Drive will feature music from the many legendary artists she’s had the chance to interview on her show, including Milwaukee’s own departed legend, Les Paul.

The fifteen-hour stint comes to a close  at 6 p.m. with both Jerry and Dewey. WMSE’s most stalwart tributers to tunes from the ’50s-’70s happens every Friday evening on WMSE, but this one will be extra special with the two DJs trading tracks on what they think is best from a bygone, golden era. Kinks, Stones, Simon & Garfunkel, Turtles, the Seeds, Donovan…classics and rare, forgotten tracks will all sound glorious on your car stereo or your home computer.

So…don’t forget! Tune in! WMSE.org if you are a listener of the online variety, or at 91.7 FM on your radio dial if you’re close by. Call us up during our day of celebration and thank the DJs for treating your ears to a veritable smorgasboard of sounds. Turn it up, grab a patch and stay tuned, as always, for the great radio that WMSE will never stop dishing out. Thanks!