On WMSE: The Shivvers


The Shivvers are one of Milwaukee’s most well-known and beloved bands, who left a lasting impression amidst the vibrancy of power pop at its height. Jill Kossoris, Jim Richardson, Mike Pyle, Jim Eannelli, Richie Bush, Scott Krueger and Breck Burns all made a name for themselves as the Shivvers in the late 70s and early 80s.

The band released many singles-ready songs and until now, the band has not had a proper LP until thirty years after the fact. Look for it on Sing Sing Records (NYC) and grab a copy while you can. The Shivvers are back in remixed and remastered glory. Also, they’ll be back on the radio, live, as Jill Kossoris and Scott Krueger visit Tim Noble’s program tomorrow at 4pm. Tune in to listen to Kossoris and Krueger regale with tales of how their band came to be and where their music is headed now. WMSE.org or 91.7 FM to listen live or in the archives.