WMSE Poundcake Punk DJ Drew along with Company Brewing brewmaster George combined their talents once again to present to you this year’s edition of WMSE’s SMASH Ale. This single malt / single hop promises to be a delightful treat for all beer drinkers. We’ll be hosting events throughout the summer so be sure to mark your calendar to get an opportunity to taste the beer of the summer!

This special brew features – Wisconsin Grown Chinook hops from  Tenacious Badger hops and Briess Ashburne.

Here’s a few pics of the process.

They tried over 20 varieties of hops!

hops brew2 brew4









0   June  9 – Von Trier – Live Blues!  – 2235 N Farwell Ave

o   June 16 – Chicken Shack Breakfast  at Comet Cafe – 1947 N Farwell Ave

o   June 29 – Bring Your Own Vinyl (6-8pm) @ Camino – 434 S 2nd St

o   July 13– C-Los @ Café Corazon (4-6pm Happy Hour) – 2394 S Kinnickinnic Ave

o   July 27- August 3 – Smash Burger Promo @ Fuel

0  August 6 – Urban 1 Year Anniversary – 2301 S. Logan

0 August 24 – Pizza Man Roof Top Spin – 2597 Downer Ave

o August 25 – Stacks Edward Band – Puddler’s Hall – 2461 S. St Clair