#wmse34 – DJ Ed Griggs

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Take in the 5th Grade

What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)?
Since I’ve only just started as a DJ, this question si not that relevant to me. What IS relevant is the first gig at the TWCC that I ever did for the station was the last Milky Christmas show (1996 maybe?). I was helping a student org on the 3rd floor when Seidler told me that there was a WMSE event in the TWCC and they might appreciate some help. I did not have anything really set up for a concert, but faked it – and it turned out OK. Some stage lighting is better than none, I suppose.

What is the first musician or band you remember interviewing? What year?
The first high profile band that I did was the Moony Suzuki (late 90’s, I suppose). The biggest crowd was probably Motion City Soundtrack. The band I most enjoyed working with was All the Pretty Horses (2002). My second favorite was World Without Sundays (also 2002, I think). The most interesting shows (which I did not have to do very much work for) were the Free Jazz summer shows.