#wmse34 – Erin Wolf of the Rockleidoscope Show


About the photo:

Taken not too long before I started DJing at WMSE in 2004…

What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)?

“Evangeline” by Matthew Sweet. I had a slight thing for power pop back then; guitars, in general. Played on August (?) of 2004. First time-slot was Thursdays from 3-6am, right between Erik Void and Drew’s programs.

What is the first musician or band you remember interviewing? What year?

Oof. Ian MacKaye in 2006. Jeremy Enigk, two months, later, I think? Those two are pretty good for two first interviews/interviewees, right?

WMSE’s birthday/anniversary week is always cool to me because 1.), it’s a good reminder of how things keep getting better and better with age, 2.), because it’s the exact birthday of  the incomparable Cosmo Cruz (RIP) and 3.) it’s also my birthday week. One of my favorite weeks of the year, hands down.