#wmse34- Mary – Instrumental Saturdays

What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)?  marydj

The very first song that I played on WMSE was “Natalie” by the Sidewalks.  The Sidewalks were a local Milwaukee band and two of my bothers, Mike and John, were founding members.  I played this the very first time I was on the air at WMSE and that was actually about a month before I became a DJ in 1982.  But that is a very long story…..


 What is the first musician or band you remember interviewing? 

I know I interviewed a lot of local musicians because I was also a VJ for Viacom for a while and I hosted a Local Music show.  But the most memorable interview I did with someone famous was with Andreas Vollenweider in 1985.  He played in Madison and I was playing his music on my show so I went to the concert and introduced myself to him and asked him to do an interview.  He had a tight tour schedule so we arranged to meet at the airport the next day.  I brought my little handheld tape recorder and proceeded to interview Andreas among the din of the airport.  It sounded terrible but it was great fun.

What year?  1985