#wmse34 – Melissa from the Melissa Show

About The Photo – 

Melissa, center, circa 1988.

First Interview of a band or artist –  melissa

I can’t remember my first interview, but two that really stood out to me:

1) The Charlatans UK at the Metro in Chicago-1997-pre-concert interview with Tim and Mark, and being able to witness my first soundcheck!

2) Nada Surf 2001-during my show. They were warming up for their concert at the Miramar that night. They had so much fun talking and playing an acoustic set, they hung out for a whole hour!

Thanks for everything, WMSE…here’s to many more great memories!



  1. Alan Bengtson

    When did Melissa give up her show? I’m an old fan previously from Milwaukee, now in Winston-Salem, and just tuned in to WMSE on my Public Radio app and noticed her show is gone.

    • Steve Winter

      I’m with Alan. What happened to Melissa? Unceremoniously dumped? After all those years?

    • Sidney McCain

      Hi There – sorry, I thought I had replied to this ages ago. Melissa took a new job that conflicts with her 12:30 – 3PM show time. She is still very much a part of the WMSE family. Thanks for listening!

  2. Tom Crawford, Station Manager WMSE

    Melissa was not kicked to the radio roadside at all. She left on her own accord. Took a job out-of-state. We miss her, too! She often subs on evenings and weekends when she can.

  3. PeterJ

    Hve listened to WMSE since 1981over the air and online from literally all over the world. Really have enjoyed Melissa’show. Wonder if she moved to a certain city that starts with a C, ends in an O, and in the middle is hicag? Always appreciated her playing Clash for me.
    BTW, wonder where Jules is?