#wmse34 – The Chicken Shack’s Jonny Z

About the photo: 14 year old Jon

The photo that I am providing is from the first performance with my first band that I ever had. It was right around the time of my 15th birthday, I may have been 14 or a very fresh 15 years old.

First song you played as a WMSE DJ?

I don’t really remember the first song that I ever played on The Chickenshack. It was 18 years ago and was only supposed to be a temporary thing, so I didn’t really keep any records
back then. I would guess that it would have had to have been Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Cash or Hank Williams Sr. Maybe Flatt and Scruggs.

First artist / band interview?

The first interview of any national touring artist was probably Dale Watson. There were loads of local/regional interviews before that though.