#wmse34 – Tom Wanderer of the Tom Wanderer Radio Experience

What was the first artist or song you played as a WMSE DJ?TomW

The first time I was ever on air at WMSE, I was cohosting with Holly.   I remember the first song I intended to play was Tales Of Brave Ulysses by Cream,
I was sending it out to my Dad.  Unfortunately the album was one of those ATCO labels where the tracks are broken up counter intuitively by the label design, so I played the wrong track.  That pretty much set the tone for the years to come.

 Who was your first interview?

The first interview I remember handling was Southern Culture On The Skids, in probably 2007.  They had just released a covers
album and they did a version the T Rex song Life’s A Gas on it.  I asked them on air why they didn’t do a deeper T Rex cut that
would’ve been more relate-able to their sound, like Country Honey.  They were not very happy with that question and I felt bad
for asking.  Live radio is tricky.  You never stop learning.