#wmse34 – Von Munz – Von Munz Vinyl Variety Show

What is your first memory of WMSE? Vonmunz

I graduated from High School in 1989, which puts me smack dab at the Station’s Starting Point. Album Rock was the genre over Milwaukee’s commercial airwaves, however I had discovered this weird station WAY over on the left hand side. I remember hearing the Clash for sure. My mom surprised me with Sandinista! (Double cassette, no less) on St. Nick’s one year. Little did she know then what an impact that record would have on me over the years that followed.

Buzz approached me back when the Garage Rawk Explosion was hitting on all eight cylinders…at that time, WMSE was on Juneau and I had neither the time nor the depth of musical knowledge I felt was required for such a flattering offer.

What was the first album or artist you played as a WMSE DJ?

Fast forward about ten years into 2007, and those two clowns Joe and Pete invited me in to play music to stop them from babbling about Star Wars and The Simpsons…I remember having a copy of King Khan and BBQ Show’s ‘What’s For Dinner’ that I had just scooped up from Atomic and it blew my mind, so I felt it needed to get on the air. I still dedicate Clutch songs to those two gentlemen.

Who was your first interview?

I’ve only interviewed a handful of fine folks, but the one that had me the MOST NERVOUS would have to be King Tuff. In my mind these guys were BIG STARS. Much to my surprise, they were just like everyone that I keep in my close circle of friends and the interview went off flawlessly.

Best part of being a WMSE DJ?

When I was an early morning DJ on Tuesdays, my FAVORITE thing would be to air an as of yet unreleased album, and to my knowledge I’m pretty sure I was the first DJ to play The Dead Weather’s ‘Horehound’ as well as The Dirtbomb’s ‘Party Store’. With this new Global Release Date changing to Friday, I look forward to being able to drop the needle on the hits of tomorrow, and state unequivocally on air: “You heard it first on 91.7, WMSE…Milwaukee!!”