They Write, We Link: February 21, 2014


We don’t know everything, so every Friday we’ll scan Milwaukee media sources to find out what our town’s writers and bloggers are writing about.

John Sieger has had Milwaukee Gospel: A Jubilee at The Pabst knocking around his skull for some time. The concert happens tonight, and in this piece, John explains why he helped organize Friday night’s gospel showcase.

Evan was on a roll this week, with a piece we discussed on the Disclaimer, one about crowdfunding, a Milwaukee Gospel preview, and last but not least, Meet Hank, The Brewers Dog You Will Be Seeing Constantly for the Next Few Weeks.

Frank Almond has his baby back, which he’ll use as a soloist and conductor with the Wisconsin Philharmonic.

Tyler caught up with Klassik for interview about the young rapper’s ambitions.

Good on Bruce Winter at WUWM for continuing the IndieMKE series with an album and concert. Matt Mueller with the details.

The MSO has been very candid about their financial struggles, but it looks like they’re close to meeting their fundraising goal.

Tarik rounded up some new Milwaukee music.