Wye Oak @ Mad Planet Tonight w/ Shearwater, Hospital Ships

The Brewers may be on everyone’s mind right about now, but at the end of the day, music nerds are music nerds. What better way to end a day of near-perfect weather and baseball by seeing some live music? Tonight, the Mad Planet welcomes a trio of indie rock awesomeness to its stage: Shearwater (Austin), Wye Oak (Baltimore) and Hospital Ships (Kansas).

Shearwater (Matador Records), known for their their intensity and beautiful composition, have been around since 2001. Their recent sixth studio album The Golden Archipelago, is a work of weird beauty from the band three members big.

The theme of solid minimalism continues with Wye Oak (Merge Records), whose members, percussionist Andy Stack and vocalist/guitarist Jenn Wasner, create beautiful soundscapes that vary from crashing brilliance to subdued shimmers. Their performance two years ago at the Highbury Pub in Bay View was a pretty gem of a pop show. Highly recommended. Also playing: Hospital Ships.

Shearwater, Wye Oak and Hospital Ships play Mad Planet tonight at 9 p.m. 21+