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Local/Live: April 17 – Bandoleer Bacall

Bandoleer Bacall are four nice, young, Wisconsin lads serving up their own brand of romantic phantasmagoria straight from the raspberry underground. They sing songs about French actresses, trees, and jackets with a touch of rock and roll, a dash of psychedelia, a splash of pop, and whatever else it takes to reach through the mirror…. Read more »

Local/Live: April 10 – Duckling

“‘It’s not even that we’re obsessed with ducks,’ Quinn Cory [of Milwaukee band, Duckling] says. ‘It’s the nature of who we are, and what our relationships are in this band, that it made sense to push this duck thing as far as possible, definitely further than it needs to go.’ Pushing things too far is… Read more »

Local/Live: April 3 – Slow Walker @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome Local/Live segment that YOU can join! On Tuesday, April 3rd, we welcome Milwaukee rockers Slow Walker hot on the heels of their newest album for a live show and interview on-site and over the airwaves. Still kicking after eight years, Slow Walker’s sound is always… Read more »

Local/Live: March 27 – Sundial Mottos

Milwaukee’s Sundial Mottos (Graham Hunt, Alisa Rodriguez, Brady Murphy and Charles Markowiak) take a shared love of old-school indie Brit-pop and add a patina of fuzzy guitars to  those sweet and tender hooks. The quartet’s unfussy approach and time spent “spending dollar bills on cheap booze and thrills / not ashamed” lends them a decidedly… Read more »

Local/Live: March 20 – Field Report

WMSE welcomes Chris Porterfield and Barry Paul Clark of Field Report into the studios the same week their band welcomes their newest record, Summertime Songs (out March 23rd). “The difference between Summertime Songs — recorded at Wire & Vice, in the same Milwaukee neighborhood where 3/4ths of the band resides — and 2014’s brilliantly autumnal feeling Marigolden and 2012’s more chilly… Read more »

Local/Live: March 13 – Tarek Sabbar

Tarek Sabbar is the experimental/electronic music of Kenneth Tarek Sabbar. Originally drawing from kraut-rock motorik drums and brooding, post-punk attitude, the project has since shifted to operating somewhere between the fog of a dance floor and a fever dream – machine-driven but ethereal. Join Tarek Sabbar on the WMSE airwaves as he gets ready to… Read more »

Local/Live: March 6th – Dead Horses @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome Local/Live segment that YOU can join! On Tuesday, March 6th, we welcome Milwaukee folk group, Dead Horses for a live show and interview on-site and over the airwaves. At fifteen, Dead Horses frontwoman Sarah Vos’ world turned upside down. Raised in a strict, fundamentalist home,… Read more »

Local/Live: February 27 – Pleasure Thief

Cat Ries of NO/NO and Rio Turbo presents a more personal side with her solo project Pleasure Thief. With sensual, spiritual lyrics delivered through ethereal vocals on top of dark, minimalist beats, she illustrates an evocative landscape of pure mood. Tune into WMSE for Local/Live on Tuesday, February 27th to hear more music from Pleasure Thief before… Read more »

Local/Live: February 20 – Dorth Nakota

Dorth Nakota are just a group of friends that always talked about doing something together. After past bands broke up, they started hanging out and playing music for fun, not looking to do much until we were forced to actually learn our songs to play their first show with Viet Cong (now called Preoccupations) in… Read more »

Local/Live: February 13 – Midwest Death Rattle

Midwest Death Rattle plays catchy doom-pop that compels listeners to shout and dance. Their latest release, Square Wave, is a five-song EP that delivers relentless hooks with an enthusiastic cynicism that the Shepherd Express describes as “seriously fun.” Download the new Square Wave EP on Bandcamp Or stream it now on Spotify Tune into WMSE for Local/Live… Read more »

Local/Live: February 6th – Xposed 4Heads @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome Local/Live segment that you can join! On Tuesday, February 6th, we welcome the zany and crazy-talented Xposed 4Heads for a live show and interview on-site and over the airwaves. In 2012, Xposed 4Heads had the opportunity to “regroup” for the “Lest We Forget” festival… Read more »

Local/Live: January 30 – Nickel & Rose

“The two offer an especially expansive vision of roots music, drawing not only from roots and bluegrass music but also blues, soul, jazz and African music.”~ OnMilwaukee   “The duo has been gaining widespread recognition for their romantic and stylish music that clearly shows influences from folk, jazz, and blues, but cannot easily be defined by… Read more »

Local/Live: January 23 – Body Futures

Milwaukee’s mathy power-pop katamari of hooks, riffs, effects, and harmonies return with a new collection of fuzzed-out indie-rock nuggets, Maybe It’s Just the Weather! Bassist Michael Wojtasiak and drummer DJ Hostettler set the foundation with bouncy, driving, and occasionally unconventional rhythms, while guitarist Christopher Maury teams with keyboardist/electric autoharp strummer Dixie Jacobs to layer a… Read more »

Local/Live: January 16 – Abby Jeanne

The product of a haunted jukebox and golden heart degenerates. Nothing beats writing the narrative for the cosmic radio and thriving off of the lust for life. Dreams, schemes and traveling the world. It’s Rock N’ Roll for the dreamers soul. Every note feels like a sanctified connection echoing into the chambers of heartache and… Read more »

Local/Live: December 19 – Altered Five Blues Band

For 15 years, Altered Five Blues Band has been winning audiences with a swaggering stomp of bruising, barrelhouse grit. According to Downbeat magazine, frontman Jeff Taylor “sings powerfully” and “Jeff Schroedl’s live-wire guitar reaches the high bar of mixed invention and fluidity.” Blues Bytes magazine declares the group features “the funkiest rhythm section outside of Memphis.”For its fourth album, Charmed… Read more »

Local/Live: December 12 – WMSE’s Annual Holiday Local/Live with Space Raft & Friends @ Club Garibaldi’s

On Tuesday, December 12th (yes, the SECOND Tuesday of the month for this time, only), WMSE welcomes Space Raft to the stage of Club Garibaldi’s to share in our annual holiday radio tradition with the help of some very special local guest musicians! Join Space Raft for a very Special Local/Live at Club Garibaldi’s as… Read more »

Local/Live: December 5 – King Eye & the Squirts

King Eye & the Squirts formed in 2015 after vocalist/guitarist Steve Look and Drummer Jesse Buskov met and shared their affinity for 60’s surf music as co-workers at the late Hotel Foster. Enlisting the help of guitarist Adam Nelson and John the Savage bassist Paul Fleming, the quartet began gigging as an instrumental surf cover… Read more »

Local/Live: November 28 – Detenzione

Detenzione (featuring Amelinda Burich on bass, Eric Apnea on drums, Eric Mayer on guitar and Dan Agacki on vocals) plays hard-edged, fast and furious hardcore. The band takes its cues from Black Flag and barely leaves room for contemplation of any additional influences (or anything, really), given their one minute per song track record. Buckle up and try… Read more »

Local/Live: November 21 – Northless

Since the band’s inception in 2007, Milwaukee’s Northless has been at the forefront of all things sludgy, noisy, and misanthropic. Now in their tenth year, the band brings us their newest full-length, Last Bastion of Cowardice, in partnership with Gilead Media & Halo of Flies (vinyl), Hand of Death (tape), and Init Records (CD). Throughout… Read more »

Local/Live: November 14 – Safari Al

Alexander Kollman (aka “Safari Al” or “”) is “strangely unnerved by huge things, calling them sham. i make music that knows that even a little bit of knowledge can witness everything.” “in order to gain my present standing in the Ruby Yacht Thieves Guild i had to cut off my ears.” location: kenosha, wi /… Read more »

Local/Live: November 7 – The Rhythm Chicken @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome season of monthly Local/Live segments! On Tuesday, November 7th, we welcome the one, the only, Wisconsin legend…the Rhythm Chicken! The Rhythm Chicken is a non-musical enigma wrapped in uncooked bacon. He’s played in the woman’s bathroom at the Cactus Club and to a crowd… Read more »

Local/Live: October 31st – Fox Face

Witchy, twitchy and full of attitude, Fox Face is a fog-swirling, moonlit night where nothing is as it seems. Realized and reckless, this eerie musical force would be as much at ease holding a seance on a stormy, nighttime beach as throwing a rager in a dark, beer-soaked basement bar. Tune into WMSE on Tuesday, October… Read more »

Local/Live: October 24th – Drugs Dragons

“Drugs Dragons are a thing of slime-covered beauty. Led by artist and scene stalwart Puke Drugs (a.k.a. Luke Chappelle), the band spews forth a noxious blend of degenerate metal, snarling punk, and busted psych.” ~Milwaukee Record Tune into WMSE on Tuesday, October 24th to listen to new music from Drugs Dragons as they play a live… Read more »

Local/Live: October 17th – Devils Teeth

Hailing from Milwaukee, Devils Teeth serve blistering amounts of energetic rock ‘n’ roll with nods to surf, punk and spaghetti westerns. Inspired by a steady diet of martial arts films, classic nuggets and Midwestern rock, this gritty garage trio is set to thrill the people of earth. Featuring: Jon Hanusa – Guitar, Vocals Eric Arsnow… Read more »

Local/Live: October 10th – Lili K

“This jazz aristocrat has the kind of chops that stop you in your tracks.” – VIBE Magazine Originally from Milwaukee, Lili began performing in her early years through church and elementary school choirs. By the time she turned ten, she began writing her own original lyrics. Following her completion at Milwaukee High School of the… Read more »

Local/Live: October 3rd – Bo & Airo @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome season of monthly Local/Live segments… On Tuesday, October 3rd, we welcomeMilwaukee’s Bo & Airo straight off of the release of their debut EP ‘I’. You can join WMSE and Bo & Airo at Club Garibaldi’s as we team up for this live radio show…. Read more »

Local/Live: September 12 – Dead Is Dead

Dead is Dead write patient songs with a metallic edge with a slight lean towards the darker side of post rock. Comprised of guitarist Eric Madl, bassist Nick Sheppard and drummer Mark Sheppard, Dead is Dead create patient and moody post metal, trading in the uniformity and unabashed Black Sabbath influence of their contemporaries for something far less gimmicky and far more organic. While… Read more »

Local/Live: September 5th – GGOOLLDD @ Club Garibaldi’s

WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome season of monthly Local/Live segments! On Tuesday, September 5th, we kick the season off with a bang with the energetic and ever-popular synth-poppers, GGOOLLDD before they head off on a massive tour and out of Milwaukee, permanently to call Baton Rouge home. You can join… Read more »