Cairns is the main project of Milwaukee musician, John Larkin, who debuted his initial recordings in 2015. The newest release, Entanglement, is Cairns’ debut full-length with a full band. While performed and recorded by mostly Larkin, himself, he added contributions from other Milwaukee musicians to fill out the soundscape – Caley Conway, Eli Smith, Eddie Chapman, Sam Pekarske and Joe Kirschling are now also part of the live ensemble.

Layered and expansive, Entanglement masks its complex time signatures and rhythms with layers of meticulous sound and dynamic swells through every track and nearly every song features drastic stylistic changes throughout. No two moments carry the same weight. This release marks significant development in the complexity of Cairns’ sound and Larkin’s songwriting. Its name is derived from the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, befitting of the direction the project has taken.

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POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf